What’s the process like??

「Intake ~your first counseling session~(90分)」


In the first session, I will ask you some general questions, such as; your purpose of seeking counseling, an overview of your problems, and your expectations/goals of counseling. Most counseling sessions last 90 minutes, and while you are talking, I will help you understand your feelings inside of you. I will also help you be more aware of your insights to deal with your personal matters or problems that you are having in your life.


Tips for counseling

a client will do most of the talking

a client may experience painful feelings before he or she begins to feel better

some exceptions exist regarding the confidentiality of counseling


ご予約カレンダー(24h)又はフリーダイヤルから TEL 0120-03-5905 くれたけ総合受付センター 9:00~21:00(土・日・祝日も対応)