Counseling Menu (Fees)

We provide therapeutic environment during a counseling session for you. We support you to deal with your stress and personal matters, to improve your self-awareness and personal growth.  

Individual Counseling Sessions

Counseling at Cafe(90minutes)
※Area : Gifu city, Ichinomiya city
10,000 JPY
(excluding tax)


You can meet your counselor at a Café/Lounge for your  sessions; such as Individual counseling, Marriage/Couple counseling, play therapy for a child, and Counseling for teenagers and college students.  (Area: Gifu city, Ichiomya City). 

Individual Counseling (90minutes)
※Nagoya Office, a Cafe in Nagoya city
12,000 JPY
(excluding tax, transportation expenses are included

名古屋セッションルーム 2F

You can also meet your counselor at Kuretake Nagoya Office.
※※If you wish to meet your counselor at a Cafe around JR Nagoya station area, a fee is 12,000 JPY. 

※  A visitation service is provided for female client only. If you are male client and wishes to use our visitation service, other family members must be preset at home during your session.

Other Counseling Sessions

Marriage/Couples Counseling (120 minutes) 15,000JPY for 2 people
(excluding tax)
Family Counseling (120 minutes) 15,000JPY for 2 people 
(excluding tax)

親子カウンセリングイメージAdditional fees: if you wish to extend your counseling session for 30 minutes, 5,000 JPY(excluding tax) will be charged in addition to a regular fee.

* for an example,  family counseling for 3 people (150 minutes) is 20,000 JPY (excluding tax).

* Sliding Scale: N/A  *Accepted Insurance Plans: N/A

Skype/Telephone Counseling Sessions

Skype/Telephone Counseling (90minutes) 10,000 JPY
(excluding tax)
Skye (overseas) Counseling(90minutes) 10,000 JPY
  (excluding tax)

スカイプカウンセリングイメージSkype counseling is recommend for a client who lives far from Nagoya or lives in a foreign country.

If you feel uncomfortable in meeting with your counselor at cafe/Lounge or the counseling office, Skype session might be suitable for you.

Counseling for Students(up to age of 22)

Individual Counseling at Cafe (90 minutes) 8,000 JPY
(excluding tax)
visitation service  (90 minutes)  8,000 JPY
(excluding tax)
Individual Counseling (90 minutes)
*at Kuretake Nagoya office/in Nagoya area
10,000 JPY
(excluding tax)


* Teruyo’s original counseling menu ” kids Counseling (Play Therapy)

Teruyo has experienced in working as a school counselor in N.Y.C. In addition to our regular counseling menu, Teruyo also provides her original counseling session, “Kids Counseling (play therapy)” to children (3 years~Teens). This session is combined with counseling techniques and counseling materials/worksheets that are often used in public schools in U.S.A.

Counseling Tickets 

Counseling tickets for 3 sessions 28,500JPY(excluding tax)
Counseling tickets for 6 sessions
54,000JPY  (excluding tax)
Counseling tickets for 12 sessions 102,000JPY(excluding tax)

※A ticket is 10,000 JPY for one session. We recommend purchasing the counseling tickets if you would like to have more than one sessions.


Counseling session at a Cafe/Lounge or Kuretake counseling office:33d67e17e7d4a7118d0f21b3b63a80f1_s

Please make a payment in cash to your counselor after your counseling session is finished.

* If you order a drink at a Café/Lounge, please make a payment by yourself before you leave.


Skype/Phone session:

Please make a payment in advance. You can make a payment either to the Kuretake Inc.’s bank account or to PayPal (Online payment service).

Kuretake Inc.’s bank account
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU),  Hoshigaoka blanch, 4578925,  Kuretake Inc.

PayPal (make an Online payment by using your credit card) 
PayPalClick the button below to make an Online payment or we can send you an invoice. We will give you more details when you make a reservation.

Cancellation:A cancellation fee will incur in the following situations; 3,000 JPY for a cancelled appointment (at least a day prior to the appointed date, 5,000 JPY for a missed appointment on the day of appointment. We would arrange our cancellation policy depending on clients’ mental health conditions. However please understand that your counselor has already booked his/her schedules for you.  



ご予約カレンダー(24h)又はフリーダイヤルから TEL 0120-03-5905 くれたけ総合受付センター 9:00~21:00(土・日・祝日も対応)